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Breda city council, NHTV and Avans to organise first joint introduction day

Avans University of Applied Sciences, NHTV and the city council of Breda will take the first concrete steps towards a joint introduction week at the beginning of the academic year of 2017-2018. The educational institutions and the city council are organising an introduction day for all the thousands of new studentswho are going to pursue education in Breda. Additionally, the HBO Intro Festivalin Breda will see a makeover. The universities of applied sciences want to takethe event back to its core focus and will be concentrating exclusively on their own first-year students starting next academic year.

The joint introduction day will take place on 29 August and will be a prelude to a multi-day event for some 7,000 first-year students, with NHTV, Avans and the council joining forces. The goal is to introducenew students to all the different areas of student life in Breda.

Breda student city
Paul Rüpp, chair of the Executive Board of Avans: “I am pleased with the initiative that the city council has taken to organise a joint city introduction. Harmonising our educational programmes at the beginning of the academic year proved to be a lot of work, but that’s all been arranged now. After the summer we will evaluate and examine how we can expand things further next year.”
Nico van Os, member of the Executive Board of NHTV: “I regard the joint introduction day as a valuable addition to the current introduction programmes. It allows all first-year students to get to know each other, their degree programmes, their schools, and the city of Breda. The perfect start to their student lives in Breda.”

Over the next couple of weeks, the parties involved will discuss the further details of their collaborative arrangement and the programme’s content. Miriam Haagh, municipal executive councillor for education in Breda: “Every year thousands of new students come to our city to live, work and study here – a fantastic enrichment to our city. Based on the principles of good hospitality, our council and the universities of applied sciences would jointly like to welcome these students and help them get settled in in our beautiful city. This will ensure that they feel like true ‘Bredanaars’ as quickly as possible.”

Event for first-year students
While developing the joint introduction week, the educational institutions reviewed the current set-up of the HBO Intro Festival Breda at the same time. They concluded that the event in its current form has overstepped its original purpose.

In recent years, the party in the city centre attracted an average 20,000 youths – including young people who weren’t pursuing a degree programme at Avans or NHTV, or who weren’t even students at all. That is why the educational institutions want to take the event back to its core focus: a party for new first-year students exclusively. “The HBO Intro Festival Breda has burst at its seams. We will return to the original idea. Back to the essence – an introduction only for new students of NHTV and Avans,” reports Rüpp.

This change also means that NHTV and Avans are looking for another location than the city centre of Breda. The event will be held on 7 September, but the location of this ‘new’ HBO Intro Festival Breda is not yet certain. This is something that the universities of applied sciences are currently discussing with a number of relevant parties.