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There he is, our ambassador for the HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch: DIVARO.
DIVARO, or Niels Stakenborg is 18 years old and is born and raised in Den Bosch. When he was only 8, it was already clear what he wanted: Niels wanted to make music. When he was 10 years old, he was producing Latin music with a good friend of him, as the duo ‘The Dutch House Bros. In 2011 Niels made a new start and went solo as DIVAROLIMA. After a lot of practicing, hard work and progression, Niels decides in 2014 to focus more on Progressive and Bigroom music. He learned that he could do so much more, but his name ‘DivaroLima’ was holding him back. The name was set on 1 genre. He changed his name in ‘DIVARO’ and now he produces new, fresh music that has already been supported by big artists like Juicy M, Bassanova, We Are Loud, Jeroen Post And many more.

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