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Since last year HBO Intro Festival is working hard to get more sustainable and helping Mother Nature out. Last year we already made some small changes, and this year the festival is taking big steps! HBO Intro Festival is aware of the mess that is made during a festival and this is why we want to help!

Hard Cups
This year the festival will work with hard cups. Instead of plastic cups that are lying everywhere on the ground after the festival, every visitor will get one cup. In this way, you can continue dancing without slipping because of all the plastic. When you go to the bar and pick up your cup, you pay one coin. When you hand your cup in at the end of the day, you will get an euro in return.

Sustainable Coins
We are also going to work with 100% recyclable coins. After the festival, the coins will be pulverized and melted and they will be made black. After this, the materials can be turned into new products, such as flowerpots, trash bags or new coins. This is a win-win situation!

Green Power
Another important point is all the power needed to make a party out of the festival. HBO Intro Festival will make use of special eventpower. This is green power, thanks to the windmills! Next to this, this kind of power prevents noise disturbance for the visitors and its surroundings, to make sure you can enjoy the artists in the best way possible!

WE NEED YOU! HBO Intro Festival can be more sustainable at several points, but for this subject we need your help. Together you can create a clean festival site, so that no one will fall over all the trash and you can continue your dancing without paying attention to all the thrash on the floor. Throw your trash in the garbagecan: little effort, big gesture.

Last but definitely not least: FOOD! The HBO Intro Festival always makes sure that you can get a nice meal at the festival site, but of course, there is always room for improvement. No vega(n) hassle, but products in which the sugar, fat and salt is reduced. Besides this, the food trucks are working hard to make the meals free of added dyes, fragrances and flavors. All these products are served in recycled cardboard or in trays of palm leafs. You can feel yourself getting more sustainable!