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HBO Intro Festival helps refugees

Every year HBO Intro Festival supports a charity, because the festival is not only a fun event, but is also informative and wants to make people aware of several themes in society. This year the festival supports UAF: a foundation for refugees. Highly-educated refugees are supported by UAF in finding a job that fits their needs.

UAF was founded in 1948 after the student riot in Prague. It is our mission to support refugees in finding a fitting position in society. We help them with their study and with finding a job that match their capacities. Besides this, we plead the interests of highly-educated refugees with public, press, politics, the government and educational institutions.

What does UAF do?
During the festival UAF is central as a charity. UAF is the oldest refugee organisation in the Netherlands. They help refugees with their study and with finding a job. A lot of refugees studied or worked in their country of origin. Their degrees are often not accepted here.

How do they pay for that?
Starting a new study again is their only chance to develop more and to utilize their talents. In this way, they are able to start over in the Netherlands and to be a meaningful contribution of society. UAF supports the refugees with loans and gifts. This is strictly destined for study-related costs.

And what about guidance?
UAF advices refugees about their choice of study and guide them during their studies. In the beginning phase UAF helps them preparing, with for example a language course. At the end, UAF offers study tools, to enlarge the chances of finding a job.

UAF works together with educational institutions, the business industry and governments to enlarge study-success and chances for jobs for refugees. Besides this, UAF is very involved in the social debate.

Talent of Refugees
UAF believes in the talent of refugees. We see refugees as normal people with a special experience. UAF guides refugees with getting familiarized in the Dutch society. We are convinced that study and work are decisive for economic self-reliance and succesfull integration. The UAF creates an environment where refugees can keep developing their talents. In this way, they are able to start over in the Netherlands en contribute in a meaningful way.

Do you want to know more about UAF? Visit the UAF-stand at the festival and get to know the other employees!