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Meet the team

Every year the Intro Festival Den Bosch is being organised for students by students. Also this year 3 interns has been added to the team.

They gladly introduce themselves to you:

Eef Verhoeven
My name is Eef Verhoeven and I am 23 years old, and in my 4th year of NHTVs’ bachelor’s degree programme of International Media and Entertainment Management. Opting for a degree programme at NHTV involved leaving my parents’ home and moving to Breda. I have lived here for 3.5 years now, enjoying every minute of it. Breda is  truly a city for bon vivants, which is right up my street. I love doing fun things with friends, going out for a meal or a drink. Visiting festivals or indoor parties is something I enjoy too, as they never fail to fuel my passion for events. This is also the reason why I wanted to be event manager of the HBO Intro Festival, a thrilling challenge which I am looking forward to very, very much.

Dylan Prins
Dylan Prins, aged 23. I am from Gorinchem and have been studying Commercial Economics at Avans Breda for 3 years now. A new face in the DMCS department as a marketing trainee since 20 February, I will be joining the organising team of the HBO Intro Festival. In the past few years, I went to various festivals as a student, and I have always enjoyed this very much. The professional side of setting up and organising a festival, however, is entirely new to me, but I look forward to acquiring knowledge in this field. Due to my previous education as a marketing and communication student and my experiences in various projects, I hope I will soon get the hang of all the work involved, so that the HBO Intro Festival will become a huge success this year too.

Mirthe Frederiks
My name is Mirthe Frederiks, aged 23 and I am the new communication manager of the HBO Intro Festival. I am studying communication at Fontys Economische Hogeschool in Tilburg. After last summer, I started my fourth and final year, which means that I will graduate this academic year. My love for festivals started when I was 16, when I visited my first festival. My curiosity, however, did not end there. I also really wanted to know what was going on behind the scenes. In a previous placement in the events industry I already acquired a bit of knowledge and experience. As for the HBO Intro Festival, I want to expand my knowledge and experience even further and get the absolute best out of myself.