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Studance is going to blaze at HBO Intro Festival

Studance Events is a partner of the HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch this year and takes care of the program of the second stage. Studance Events organizes student parties each month, where they give talented DJ’s the opportunity to show their best urban music. The objectives of HBO Intro Festival and Studance are similar in multiple ways, such as reaching new and current students to show that Den Bosch is a real student city.

‘Let’s make Den Bosch a student city’ is the motto of Studance Events. Almost a year ago Dennis de Laat and Ralph Bethlem organized their first student party ‘STUDANCE’ to improve the nightlife of Den Bosch. After a lot of positive reactions, the two students decided to bring back the party every month with a different theme in Carrousel and Ushiwawa. They now have a lot of supporters and HBO Intro Festival noticed this.

The festival saw an unique chance to work together with the boys and now they have their own stage at the festival on the 31th of August. “Studance is going to blaze at HBO Intro Festival” is the slogan. With the collaboration Studance hopes to get more brand awareness with all new and current students of Den Bosch. “We want to show that Studance can give awesome parties, where everyone is enjoying themselves”, says De Laat.

A Little Bit Extra
Why are the parties of Studance so special? “Simply said, everything is better arranged than at a normal night when you go out. Besides this, there are more extra’s during our parties, such as a lot of talented DJ’s, aftermovies and giveaways. In May the two guys already organised their 10th edition.

HBO Intro Festival
Last year the boys organized accidentally an afterparty for the HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch. “I already picked the date and only found out later that the HBO Intro Festival was held at the same night. After that I read that the festival already ended at 23.00 o’clock and we start around that time. It matched perfectly.” The HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch hopes to get more brand awareness with the collaboration, so that the festival can grow. Besides this, De Laat and Bethlem are part of the target group, so they can reach them in the right way.