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The Intro Festival team values increasing the sustainable character. As an educational institution you assist building the future of students, so why wouldn’t you handle more sustainable with the future together with the introduction festival? After all the party is there for students.

There are different steps taken in the field of sustainability, among which the use of hardcups. Last year we deployed the hardcups for the first time and also this year there will be hardcups.

Be aware! There are some steps attached to the hardcups you can not forget as a visitor.

1. With your first drink you will pay one hardcup token for your hardcup. You can get this token for € 1,- at the coin sale.
2. Finished our drink? Do NOT drop your cup on the floor!
3. If you want to order a new drink, simply? Hand in your empty cup at the bar and get a full one in return by ordering a new drink!
Lost cup? Get for one coin a new cup at the bar or get one new hardcup token at the coin sale.
4. Hand in your cup at the bar before you go home and get € 1,- back.
You can also bring it to the charity collection point to donate € 1,- to the Ambulance Wish Foundation Brabant.