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The winner of the Battle of the DJ’s: Gunza!

On Thursday the 18th of May 10 DJ’s competed against each other during the Battle of the DJs at the Willem Twee Poppodium in Den Bosch. During this pre-party of the HBO Intro Festival beginning DJs get the chance to show their talent. The winner gets to perform at HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch and besides this, the winner and the runner-up may perform at one of the parties of Studance Events: the co-organizer of the second stage of HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch.

Ten DJ’s battled against each other in two halls at the Willem Twee Poppodium. In the first hall Candy Crew, Ento, M-ACE, MTBA and Mattix competed against each other. The jury consisted of Divaro (ambassador of HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch) and the founders of Studance Events: Dennis de Laat and Ralph Bethlem. The winner in this hall was M-ACE.

In the second hall, Full HD, Tom V, Don Voluntas, Gunza and Schorriemorrie battled, with DJ Nixus, Bing Berendsen (founder Koninkrijk van Muziek) and Pascale Paanakker (programmer Willem Twee Poppodium) as the jury. In this hall, the judgment of the jury led to a tie: Gunza and Don Voluntas won this round.

In the second round, the winners of both halls competed again for 15 minutes. It was a tough battle and the jury had to discuss hard for the right decision, but eventually the choice was made: Gunza was the winner of the Battle of the DJs. She was the only female DJ who joined the battles and now she gets to perform at HBO Intro Festival Den Bosch. At the 25th of May, she already performed at a party of Studance Events, which was a great success!